Holy shit!

I know, what’s going on? Abs has a blog? Don’t worry I’ll explain.

I have had this idea for some time and have decided to put it in motion. It’s a way for me to  get things across better without missing the point and getting distracted. It’s also another means to connect with you without just being a face on a screen that shows up for five hours then disappears, well, that’s how I feel it is at the moment anyway.

I’m thinking of posting on here at least once a week, but if there’s more demand I’ll probably up the amount. I want to use this as a place where everyone can come to access information about the direction of my twitch channel and some posts about my personal endeavors. Basically a way to feel better connected with me and not just a guy who plays games on twitch. A place to talk about my other passions and interests as well as general venting and moaning.

This is just a brief introduction on what to expect here, I will be talking openly and without a filter so some future posts may contain swear words (uh oh!) and could offend some people, although I won’t be going out of my way to do so.

I hope you’re as excited as I am in this new direction I’m taking, thank you for supporting me in my decisions thus far and I’ll see you soon!

Actually, Abs.


5 thoughts on “Holy shit!

  1. It’s really great that you want to blog alongside of streaming. It may be a way of getting thoughts out of your head, or another way that you can connect with your fans; but no matter the reason you do it, you really should invest in it. I say this from experience. Give me a yell on Twitter mate, so that you can do this the right way from jump.

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