Where’s Minecraft!?

The most asked question in my channel!

If you don’t know, I primarily played Minecraft on my twitch channel and one day I just stopped. There were several factors for doing so.

Firstly, I ran out of inspiration. The key behind Minecraft is imagination and inspiration and when that goes, well, you’re left with a world full of cubes and half built structures that no longer mean anything. What I mean is, I used to look at the world I had built and the empty spaces left to fill and in my mind all the buildings were built and laid out. As work came to an end on one of my recent projects within the kingdom (A Cathedral) I no longer saw the fully built project in my head – Prior to this I had been streaming Minecraft everyday for a minimum of 4 months – and had worked on just building a wall for 1-2 weeks. The point is, when you lose your imagination and creative mind towards the project you’ve dedicated so much time to it’s not only upsetting, it’s no longer viable to carry on doing alf arse builds and not interacting with the chat.


(Eastern Entrance, The Cathedral)

Which brings me to my second point, I had stopped ineracting with chat, not completely but enough. I dedicate my channel to viewer interaction and that was being taken away by my focus on building the world and forcing ideas that weren’t there. I was becoming grouchy and snappy and this wasn’t what my channel was or is about. I would sit in silence for periods of time, whilst putting the image in my head into Minecraft and not acknowledging the chat until I conciously realised I wasn’t talking. Not good! I needed to gain my happiness and spark again and Minecraft wasn’t it.

Now this is were people may want to hide behind a pillow or cover their eyes.

The community is fickle.

Now this doesn’t apply to everyone, it’s an obsevation during my time playing Minecraft. If I ever stopped playing Minecraft for one day, people would either not show up or they would constantly ask and request Minecraft. It still happens. Now I know people are allowed to enjoy the game and the work I produced but I always felt if you enjoyed me playing this, why don’t you enjoy me exploring something else. I am the same guy in the same room just playing a different game. It belwildered me when I got compliments stating how good of a streamer I was and how they loved my personality but never showed up to a skyrim stream, or they came in and again requested Minecraft. This was a daily battle trying to please the community I had built during building “career”, but all they wanted was Minecraft. I love playing a variety of games and meeting new people from around twitch but the community that comes with Minecraft is very much in that bubble and rarely divert away. Heck I rarely diverted away and that’s the problem, we need variety and a change of pace in our lives, if we do the same shit day in and day out as many do, we lose our minds and get pissed off and angry. So I changed, I took a hit in viewership and I’m okay with that because I am happy and that shows on stream.

This is a genralisation. I have met many amazing people through Minecraft and few still enjoy my streams this is just a observation during my time in Minecraft.

I still enjoy Minecraft, I just don’t stream it, I know if I set my title up and labled the game as Minecraft I could probably have better viewership numbers but I know I wouldn’t be enjoying it and I most certainly wouldn’t have the inspiration behind me to even attempt a build, not even a dirt hole could look amazing if I started again now. I don’t have the passion for it anymore, I feel I really need to have the Ideas and motivation behind me to begin building and playing Minecraft. When I first started up the second period (I had started in an already established world which I had left behind previously for these exact same reasons). I was full of ideas and I put all of them down and took on new challenges and built new things. It was amazing to have so much energy and passion but it died down, it got to a point where it almost felt toxic in chat, where I felt trapped into playing it because my numbers where high and people loved what I played. I realised soon enough and lost a few friends along the way whilst blinded by it all but I was having fun and so was chat but only because of the game not the streamer.

Now whose to say in a few months times I don’t find my drive and dive straight back into it and build huge structures again? I will go in with a different attitude and keep my head on straight though! I don’t miss Minecraft, I don’t feel I wasted my time, I met amazing people and still talk and hang out with alot of you but for now I am taking a break from streaming it. I really enjoy playing the variety of games I play and I hope alot of you do too, If I am happy I feel the community feels that and feeds off of that energy. I hope you all understand and get why I chose to stop. Thank you! Hey someone get a word count on Minecraft would ya!? jeez.

Actually, Abs.



7 thoughts on “Where’s Minecraft!?

  1. Well said! Nice to see someone not hiding from an uncomfortable situation for a change. Thank you for clearly and calmly explaining your situation and decision. I’m 100% with you – streaming should always be fun and if it isn’t, change the thing that’s ruining the fun. I’m a long time member of the Tea Brigade and always will be. I’m here for Ablett, not the game – that’s just a bonus.

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  2. I think I remember the day you started to lose your inspiration. It was the day you learned to fly in Minecraft with rockets. Once Abs learned to fly, he didn’t want to stay in that little nest anymore. He had to go out and explore the rest of the world. 😉

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