What do I do outside of streaming I hear you ask. Not much is the honest answer but I do have various interests and hobbies.

Okay, so some of you that watch my stream may have heard me talk about the odd interest I have and I rarely go into detail, some I have done in the past and want to get back into and others are new things I want to try out, most are just things I enjoy wasting my spare time on.

I enjoy wrestling, the ‘fake’ fighting where big men slam each other on the ground. Call it what you will but I enjoy it, it’s entertaining, it’s easy to watch and it’s fun. Whether I tune into the whole show the day after it’s aired or watch highlights on youtube, I’ll set some time aside to keep myself up to date with current stories and feuds. It’s an easy past time that’s consistent and never takes a Christmas break to come back with a disappointing season 2.

I also enjoy the NFL, I played for my local American football team as a wide/slot receiver, I even got offensive MVP award in 2007! I tune in to watch the games over the NFL season. Here in the UK, it’s difficult to stay up and watch all the games that air on t.v, but the early games make it easier. I’ll sit down and watch two games every weekend – regardless of the girlfriend’s protests – followed by short highlights during the week. I support the Dallas Cowboys (boo all you want) it was the first game I saw vs the Lions and the Cowboys won so I chose them. I stay up for the super bowl every year, as I do for WrestleMania.

Airsoft was something I did for a couple of years, the early Sunday mornings, dragging yourself out of bed to dine on a greasy McDonalds breakfast, later regretting it, the fear of shitting yourself in an abandoned building while refusing to go to the clogged portaloo that occupied the car park. These were great times, we would gear up with knee pads, goggles, mouth guards, chest rigging, the lot. There was a small group of us who would venture out and take on the tasks and missions given out throughout the day, shooting tiny pellets at each other only to realize every time they hit it hurt like hell, but always going back for more. It’s a hobby I miss and would like to get back into, we would get home and after cleaning the mud off our bodies compare pellet marks like monkeys looking for fleas always discovering marks and questioning where they had come from. I do plan on looking into doing this again.

In my streams, you may see a snowboard sat behind me, this isn’t to show off, I just have nowhere to store it. I have never been abroad to snowboard, but I asked for some lessons as a Christmas present and went to an indoor snowboarding center to learn. I went with a friend and continued going after we had finished our lessons every fortnight to hone our new found love. It was super fun and would like to go back, but the cost of going regularly sucks! So I kinda want to get a skateboard to fulfill my need, I could ride around my area and maybe learn a few tricks, it could be a future hobby I take up, it’s certainly something I have mentioned on stream and thought about for a few months.

I do flit around a lot of hobbies but I dedicate myself to every one of them and only stop due to various reasons, I want to try LARP out at some point too but it seems super expensive to dive into. I’m generally a very active person but most things have limits currently which I’m looking into, so don’t be surprised if I zoom past you on a skateboard at some point. This post could go on forever so I’ll end it there, if you have questions about any of my activities or information on how to get started on any of the ones I want to get into please let me know in the comments!

Actually, Abs.



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