What to play?

Choosing games to play on stream is difficult, it’s especially difficult if you’re a fussy gamer like me.

I am sadly, set in my ways when it comes to games. I’m not saying I like a particular genre or stick to a certain type of game I just find myself ‘not in the mood’ to jump on every fad that comes my way. I’m quite happy playing Total war: Rome II for instance instead of Overwatch. I used to be heavily into Neverwinter a DnD MMO which I played on Xbox, It was an addiction for me for quite some time, I even became an official Neverwinter streamer which I was given rare codes to hand out in giveaways during official promoted streams! I can get addicted to games fairly easily, however, I haven’t found that spark with a game in a long time and it sucks, having to scrap around for a game to play and make entertaining content with titles you don’t give a shit about. I heavily avoid doing that and I have rarely had to resort to it, thankfully.

It’s hard to keep up with the trends on Twitch, it’s also not cheap, so I choose my titles wisely, I download demos (if available) of a game I find interesting to try out, on two occasions I ended up not purchasing the game, which, saved me money. I recently played through Prey, which, I bought after playing the demo on twitch and thoroughly enjoyed it – wise investment- but for me, it’s a game with one time playability on a stream. I need that backbone game that I can always fall to when a great adventure like prey comes to an end, so I recently found Elder Scrolls Online! An MMO set in the bursting world of Tamriel. It takes me back to those Neverwinter days of grinding for levels and grouping up with strangers to take down a mini dungeon boss. I haven’t been playing for long but I enjoy it, it has a Skyrim feel, with a good story and the complexity of an MMO. I have found my spark!

You will be seeing a lot of ESO on my channel, with the occasional swerve to a new title I find interesting. I will still be keeping it variety but with ESO as my go to game, I will be starting my Skyrim playthrough up and Rome: Total War II will continue to make appearances. I have never had a game schedule on my channel because some days I don’t feel like playing the scheduled game. There’s nothing worse than forcing fake emotions towards a game and faking entertainment, you as viewers will see right through it. I know a lot of you guys have no idea what happens in Rome: Total War II but you see my enjoyment and my genuine love of the game and you stay to watch because I enjoy it and can add a bit of entertainment to it. That means a lot by the way! The same goes with ESO, I thoroughly enjoy the game and it shows, I can sit comfortably playing it and not really worry if I have 40+ viewers. That’s the problem I had with Minecraft I was so driven by the viewer count and the activity in chat that I didn’t notice I was actually unhappy.

The moral of the story, play what you want, keep your happiness as number one priority and it will show on stream, your viewers will enjoy your happiness and the passion you have for that game.

Actually, Ablett.



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