Write anyway!

Hi again!

Firstly I haven’t posted on here recently because I have been struggling to find something to post about. I kept saying to myself  ‘people won’t want to read this’ after deleting a draft for the third time. I don’t do many interesting things on a day to day basis so I told myself I have nothing interesting to say on the blog and people wouldn’t want to read it. So I am changing that mindset and writing anyway, people may be interested in the daily routines or the discovery of a new tea brand I discovered. So I have decided to write any old shit that I get up to and even force my opinions on you, well, at least rant about stuff anyway.

I’m no professional blogger, I don’t do tonnes of research on a top 10 list on why you should invest in an Amazonian condo. I am just someone who recently discovered they like writing, whether I’m good or bad at it I just enjoy writing things. Some of you may know I started writing my own book, some of you even have draft copies of the early stage I’m currently in. No, it’s not a generic ‘I’m a content creator here’s my new book, t-shirt and album’ I had the idea for this fantasy story about 4 years ago and even wrote the first page down back then. I have had good reviews for the word vomit I’ve able to produce so far as well, which, is quite unexpected. I’m pretty poor at editing so I do what I can to make the story slightly more readable but apart from that, it’s raw word vomit on a google doc page. I haven’t been working on it at all recently and this post is to prove I am wanting to write more and produce extra content on top of my streams and people really seem to enjoy reading my blog posts. So here’s the extra effort. I have a short story in my drafts on here too that will be uploaded at some point, again it needs editing. It’s a short story from my main character’s childhood, it’s subject to change in the future but I think it’ll be nice to share it with you.

Laziness and self-discipline for things you want to do are the hardest things to overcome, I turn up to stream everyday because I enjoy it. I stopped writing because I found it hard to sit down and be creative, even if I enjoyed it. When I write the story I make it up as I go along, the conversations, the settings etc, with a plan of what should happen. But a lot of it is improvised. I do have a rough guideline for where and when things should happen but the world building in your head on the spot it tough BUT easier for me than planning it all out and sticking to that plan. Once I’ve written a section of, let’s say a city, I do draw it and begin building the world that way, Just to stop inconsistencies. What I’m saying is don’t give up just because something is hard, if things are hard they are worth doing, you’ll learn more and even feel better for achieving that tougher goal. I’m learning that currently and the feeling I’ll get when I’ve written however many pages it turns out to be is going to be amazing.

Anyway, that’s that, I know motivational talk is cliche and people get hyped for about an hour then decide to lay in bed and binge watch Spongebob Squarepants (Don’t look at me). But from someone who is currently working towards set personal goals with quite a lot of laziness and not some big shot earning thousands standing on a stage preaching it’s easy if you put your mind to it. By the way, it’s not easy just putting your mind to it. it’s tough to get started and that’s why sometimes you just need to sit down and start doing the thing you say you enjoy (take notes abs, this guy’s good) that’s how I started this blog post today, and apparently you can’t shut me up now!

Anyway, thanks for reading (if you got this far) and I’ll see you on stream!

Actually Abs.


2 thoughts on “Write anyway!

  1. When you’re being creative all day every day, or you put your all into something, it’s difficult to find the last little push to do other stuff, even if you enjoy doing it. Don’t put yourself down because you’re human. That said, write more shit, I like reading it.

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