Time away.

Hey! So I’ve been away from this blog for sometime (not that I posted much anyway) I decided to drop it along with streaming on twitch and take a step back from it all. I have been fairly silent on social medias since then, despite lurking and occasionally liking a few tweets. Leaving twitch was … More Time away.

Write anyway!

Hi again! Firstly I haven’t posted on here recently because I have been struggling to find something to post about. I kept saying to myself  ‘people won’t want to read this’ after deleting a draft for the third time. I don’t do many interesting things on a day to day basis so I told myself … More Write anyway!

What to play?

Choosing games to play on stream is difficult, it’s especially difficult if you’re a fussy gamer like me. I am sadly, set in my ways when it comes to games. I’m not saying I like a particular genre or stick to a certain type of game I just find myself ‘not in the mood’ to … More What to play?


What do I do outside of streaming I hear you ask. Not much is the honest answer but I do have various interests and hobbies. Okay, so some of you that watch my stream may have heard me talk about the odd interest I have and I rarely go into detail, some I have done … More Hobbies!?

Where’s Minecraft!?

The most asked question in my channel! If you don’t know, I primarily played Minecraft on my twitch channel and one day I just stopped. There were several factors for doing so. Firstly, I ran out of inspiration. The key behind Minecraft is imagination and inspiration and when that goes, well, you’re left with a … More Where’s Minecraft!?

Holy shit!

I know, what’s going on? Abs has a blog? Don’t worry I’ll explain. I have had this idea for some time and have decided to put it in motion. It’s a way for me to  get things across better without missing the point and getting distracted. It’s also another means to connect with you without … More Holy shit!